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Do you want to become a home owner but you can’t qualify for the mortgage? We can help.

Is this your situation—

  • Divorced?
  • Experienced bankruptcy or consumer proposal?
  • Damaged credit?
  • New to the country?
  • No credit history?
  • Insufficient down payment?
  • Self-employed and/or cash business?

If so, you’re not alone.

We have helped many clients in your situation through our proven Rent to Own Program. Good news: There is no need to qualify through a bank since we buy the home for you.

If you have damaged credit or no credit history, obtaining a mortgage can be very difficult given the increasingly restrictive bank requirements.

We understand your desire for home ownership and we have created a Program to help you to achieve your dream. We also understand that life sometimes throws unexpected curves that can make buying a home challenging. We’re here to help you overcome your obstacles and move into the house of your choice.

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Our client stories

“We looked at many rent-to-own firms in the Ottawa area. We felt Blue Ribbon was the best, and we were 100% correct! We had been attending OREIO to scout out the possibility of investing and found ourselves in need of a rent-to-own for ourselves.
We were very impressed with Doris at the meetings—forthright, honest, transparent, and all about building winning relationships, not just business deals.
—GA & HR

We are experienced real estate investors who have a long track record of success and integrity.
Let us help you become a home owner soon!

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G.A. & H.R


Not only did Blue Ribbon help us get a house, but we are in a gorgeous home! And thanks to Doris’s savvy negotiating, we have built-in equity in a high demand family neighbourhood.