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Why investing with Blue Ribbon is a good idea



There was a time when we faced the same decision you do: What is the best investment vehicle for your money? Stocks, bonds, GICs, mutual funds, indexed funds, T-bills, gold, REITs – the list goes on and on. What we discovered, and what many of the world’s wealthiest people already know, is that real estate is a key part of any wealth-building strategy. It’s no accident that over 90% of all millionaires became wealthy through real estate. Given real estate’s success, why reinvent the wheel?

The key to real estate’s success is that everyone needs a home and no more land is being created. Therefore, existing land continues to appreciate as more and more people seek to purchase a small portion of it for their families and their businesses. It is well recognized as a stable and profitable investment strategy.

That said, owning investment properties can be a challenge because these properties require tenants. Beyond the usual headaches of dealing with tenants, properties also require regular maintenance which can become expensive and time-consuming depending on the property. We know about these challenges because we own several such typical investment properties.

Why Rent to Own as an investment?

The answer is simple: Because it’s an approach that removes much of the risk and the hassles of investing. In our Program, the tenants are Tenant Buyers and as such they have a vested interest in the property. From the moment they receive the keys, they treat the house as their own in every respect. They choose the colours, they upgrade it in any way they want and they are also responsible for its maintenance. We do not receive any more calls about plugged toilets nor do we hear about defunct dryers. The Tenant Buyers are responsible for all of that just as a homeowner would be.

How do we know they will like the house?

Because they have chosen it! They select the house, they live in it, they pay for the costs involved and they maintain it for the duration of the lease term. When the term is over, they buy the property at a pre-determined price. It’s that simple.

For the investor, there are no maintenance costs for the investment property. In addition, beyond the security of the property as collateral, the investment is further secured by the Tenant-Buyer’s non-refundable initial Option Deposit along with the monthly credits. If the Tenant-Buyer defaults on the deal, they forfeit 95% of their deposit and credits. This further motivates them to honour the terms of the deal. Regular tenants have no such vested interest in a typical rental property.

Our Program is truly a win-win for everyone.


Benefits of Investing with Blue Ribbon

There are a number of reasons to invest with Blue Ribbon Rent to Own:

  • The risks are far lower than in a typical real estate investment
  • The returns are predictable and substantially above average
  • You will receive quarterly, semi-annual or annual positive cash flow payments
  • We are seasoned investors with a long track record of success
  • We have worked with many Joint Venture partners to create win-win deals
  • We are committed to ensuring a fair deal for both our Tenant Buyers and our Investors


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